pistachio cardamom croissants side-by-side with carrot and lemon ricotta mini cake
Line drawings of croissants and cake.
Handmade pastries and cakes crafted with love in North Beach.
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Cakes & Laminated Pastry
Butter & Crumble is a girl boss owned bakery specializing in elevated laminated pastries and layered crumble cakes with an emphasis on playful creativity and attention to detail.
Lemon cruffin
Box of Butter & Crumble pastries.
Girl Boss Owned & Operated
Sophie started Butter & Crumble as a passion project during culinary school, baking cakes for friends and family from her tiny apartment kitchen. During lockdown she began using empty restaurant and bar spaces to run her business while expanding into laminated pastries. After 3 years of dishing out delicious treats from her hidden Marina "SweetEasy" she opened her first retail bakery space with her team of badass girlies in North Beach in Oct 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t you just make more?

Our pastries are a three day long process, from mixing and resting the dough on day 1, to laminating with layers of butter, rolling, cutting, shaping and filling each croissant on day 2, to proofing, egg washing, baking, glazing and putting all finishing touches on day 3. It's truly a labor of love, and what makes our pastries special is so much attention to detail during each step of this laborious process. These pastries are not meant to be mass produced, and we are pushing to the max, working around the clock to be able to serve as many of you as we can!

Can I preorder?

Yes! We release preorders on Hotplate for pastry boxes every Monday for the following weekend, with some exceptions during particularly busy weeks. If you preorder, you are more than welcome to skip the line and come straight up to the counter for the handoff. We advise signing up for text alerts on Hotplate to be notified when new preorders drop! Cakes are by preorder only and are released a few weeks in advance.

When is the best time to come?

This is a tough question, because every day is different but our best advice is to come during the week, on Thursday or Friday, either right before we open around 8:30 or 8:45 for your pick of everything we have, or alternatively around 10:30 or 11:00 am if you're not as picky when we might be sold out of some items, but line has started to die out and we're serving up our last trays. We do our best to keep Instagram stories updated when there is no line so you guys can run on over, and when we are close to selling out so you can abort mission!

Do you do wholesale?

We are not accepting wholesale requests at the moment, focusing our efforts on producing enough for the demand at our shop! While we do see ourselves scaling up in the future, wholesale is not something we can foresee in the near future because of how fresh, delicate, and detailed our products are.

How do I get a cake?

Cakes are by preorder only at the moment on hotplate.com/butterandcrumble. We are not accepting any custom requests or sizes. All inventory that we have is posted online, but feel free to sign up for notifications in case anyone cancels or we add more!

How do I sign up for classes?

We do offer croissant making classes about once or twice a month when we can squeeze it into our schedule! The current schedule is sold out but we plan to add more after Easter and will link them here, so do stay tuned.