Every B&C pastry is made with elevated technique, creative flavors, and lots of love

Decorative line drawing of cake and pastries
Mini Cakes
Pain Au Chocolat
Laminated Pastries
DAILY MENUS POSTED ON IG Every pastry starts with masterful lamination of the best French butter into our dough to create those layers of flaky, buttery heaven. From there we put our own spin on beloved flavors and use creative techniques to reinvent breakfast pastries from savory to sweet, focusing on properly seasoned, balanced, and nuanced flavor profiles in every bite. Our pastries are unique for their shard-like flake and structure, differentiating them from other small flake and heavy styles.  

Our pastries are best eaten immediately, as fresh as can be. However if you need to wait, or just want a little extra experience, we recommend heating them up in the oven until warm and they will re crisp beautifully (except for cream filled items).

We usually offer one GF and one vegan option every day but please confirm on IG in case anything out of the ordinary occurs.
Our cakes feature a butter cake sponge between layers of sophisticated buttercreams and ganaches and crumbles, cookies, and crunches. These cakes were developed in reaction to disappointing options out there that are all for show, adding texture, balance, and nuance to each flavor so you will never want to put the fork down. We use a special kind of buttercream that avoids overly sugary meringues bases and artificial flavors, but that needs to be treated right for the luscious flavors to come through.  

Cakes are by preorder only and are usually up on Hotplate two to three weeks before the pickup date. Have an event coming up? Join the notification list on hotplate to be alerted when new cakes are up!

All cakes are best eaten day of your pickup but can remain the fridge for up to three days. They should be left out to temper about 1-3 hour before serving until the buttercream is soft. For extended keep, freeze wrapped tightly and transfer to the fridge the night before serving.
Vegan cakes
We hold our vegan cakes to the same delicious standard as our non vegan cakes, and offer elevated flavors that pair moist flavorful cakes with soft and rich "buttercreams".

We are currently offering one flavor of vegan cake each week but hope to expand our offering soon. Our vegan cakes utilize coconut products but are otherwise nut free.



The journey of a croissant

1. Making the dough

We begin the 3-day croissant making process by mixing about 12 blocks of dough worth, in batches, in our 60 quart hobart. For each batch, the dough is portioned and shaped into balls, and rests for about an hour before being placed in the fridge overnight.

2. Laminating

On Day 2, we spend the morning laminating each dough block with french butter, using our dough sheeter to create a series of folds that build the gorgeous layers you see in our final product. We have to work quickly and precisely, to make sure the butter does not melt and every piece of the dough is evenly layered.

3. Shaping

After chilling the dough, we roll out each dough block to measure and cut shapes from classic croissant triangles, to danish squares, strips for BECs, and the works. While some pastries are rolled as is, others are carefully filled with pastry creams, cheese, meats, and other fillings. We implement difficult techniques such as bicolor for our pain au chocolat and specialty chocolate croissants, and cross lamination for our pain suisse. We have to work extremely quickly to make sure the pastries do not warm up while doing all we can to create uniform and intricate shapes. We take extra time to make sure we are utilizing every piece and scrap of precious dough we can.

4. Proofing and Baking

Early in the wee hours of the morning on day 3, the croissants will begin proofing for about 2 hours 45 minutes until they are chubby and jiggly. Most pastries we will then carefully egg wash before loading up the ovens. Some pastries we make require immediate attention hot out of the oven, where we will drop everything to glaze, syrup, frost, and grate cheese while warm

5. Finishing Touches

After the pastries cool, we add our finishing touches to each one before they hit the racks for sales, including tossing in sugar and filling with creams, adding garnishes  drizzles and sprinkles of Maldon salt, gluing candied nuts and crumbles with hot sugar syrup, and most famously oh so carefully dropping soft baked egg yolks. Some are even cut and stuffed before hitting the ovens again for our twice baked flavors. All of this takes place right before you walk in the door, making sure our pastries are as fresh as possible when they make it into your hands.

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